Reprinted Letterpress blocks of buildings of Northfield

I Recently finished a project involving the Northfield Historical Society and ArtOrg.

Press release below:

New limited edition printed cards of several Northfield historic buildings will be available through a unique partnership between the Northfield Historical Society and ArtOrg, a local arts organization. Three landmark buildings, the Scriver Building, First National Bank and the Armory building are included in the archival quality cards. Following the discovery of several original etched zinc blocks the oldest of which is from about 1876, a local printer, Keeney Swearer, cleaned the blocks, designed the cards and printed the set using traditional letterpress techniques here in Northfield. Cards come with information on the buildings and the Letterpress process. A limited edition of twenty-five sets along with a small number of individual cards will be released at the Northfield Historical Society at Winter Walk on December 12, 2013.


I printed fifty of each card, twenty-five of each card were then packaged into sets of three and the rest were sold separately. All parts of these cards are acid free and archival. This was my first real production run with Letterpress and am very happy with how everything turned out.

This project was motivated by looking at the reproductions that are sold in most museum gift shops and thinking about how originally the prints would have looked different having been printed with Letterpress which gives a much richer black as well as a slight impression. I see this project as an initial exploration. I hope to do more more projects like this in the future.


Links to press about this project:

Bringing back the past!


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