Kalamazoo Book Arts Center: Here & Now

I was invited by the Kalamazoo Book Arts Center (KBAC) in Kalamazoo MI  to be part of a group show of past interns. Three of us were brought together for this show.

I created a new series of work for this show and the photos below show the inprocess work.

The show opened Friday February 7th 2014 during the monthly Arthop event.


In this work I am experimenting with pieces that might represent artifacts found in a museum but contain many contradictions in both imagery, material, as well as presentation. I hope that that viewer develops questions about the source of the imagery and meaning of the language and the make up of the material. I am inspired by locations where belief is suspended, movies and other sources of fiction present fictional languages and imagery, these are accepted by the viewer as part of this fictional universe. When those enter our world and are presented in the gallery environment as artifacts I hope to create a type of cognitive dissonance which the viewer will then attempt to reduce by attempting to find more information about the pieces.

Portfolio quality images of each piece to come soon.

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